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One of the best films about climbing Mountain Elbrus is "Elbrus Together", a documentary directed by Liza Rachenko. 

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"Elbrus Together" gives a clear and concise explanation on how to climb the highest point in Europe - Mountain Elbrus. 
We recommend watching the film before preparing for the climb. The film will not only give you a general idea of the climb, but it will also give you specifics on the climbing equipment, the languages spoken at the mountain, and the best way to get in the right mentality before a climb. 

Director: Liza Rachenko

Starring:  Slava Mykhailov, Nadya Mykhailova, Alex Rachenko, Raisa Rachenko, Vladimir Rachenko

Premiered in IMAX on August the 19th 2019 in Ukraine. 

Running time: 53 minutes

Production company: LiDiNa Production

"Elbrus Together" director Liza Rachenko was born in Kharkiv, Ukraine (born on 16 July 1999) and moved to New York at a young age. Having a diverse background, Liza is able to film in multiple languages, including English, Ukrainian, and Russian. She has also directed films that utilized American sign language. 

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Screen Shot 2019-09-22 at 8.27.46 AM.png