Why Is It NOT Online Anymore? | Escape

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One of the films which was enrolled in the 2016 Cannes Film Festival Selection is no longer available to watch on the Internet.

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Dated 15 December 2017. 

Photo 1-2 Credits: IMDB

"Escape" is a 13-minute long film about a girl who tried to escape her hometown to go travel the world and explore different cultures. She finds out along the way that not all is as it seems and that there is more to life than she thought there was. 
After a very long battle of keeping the film on the Internet, the film was indeed taking off the Internet. People who did not have the rights to the film kept showing the film on different websites and making money through ads on those websites. That alone was not legally allowed, so the film was taken off the Internet completely. 

Director: Liza Rachenko

Starring:   Alex Rachenko, Vladimir Rachenko

Premiere: 2015

Running time: 13 minutes

Production company: LiDiNa Production

All rights reserved to LiDiNa Production.

Escape Poster.jpg